Keep Your Food Safe with Vacuum Sealers

Keep Your Food Safe with Vacuum Sealers

The vacuum sealer is an ideal method to preserve your food. You might have an idea about this particular kitchen implement, but this article will further discuss its merits.

If you are interested in what it can do, you must read on to know more.

Vacuum Sealers 101

Vacuum sealers actually do not produce a vacuum but it is capable of moving air. Food is perishable and when it gets into contact with oxygen, it can oxidize and later on, expire. Thus, if you get rid of the air on your food, it will have a longer shelf life.

The vacuum sealer is able to get rid of the air out of the plastic container that houses the food on it.

As soon as all the air is removed, the plastic bag has to be fastened securely or else the air can get back inside the bag once more. The vacuum sealer dissolves the bag’s top collectively so the food inside will be safeguarded by decay-causing factors.

However, individuals must use the proper kind of plastic bag meant for food storage and vacuum sealers because the incorrect kind will just dissolve throughout the device. Proper bags for this method are sturdy enough to withstand the heat in a microwave.

The device comes in several models that are designed for kitchen use and the bigger ones are often employed in commercial operations. In terms of sealer types, the difference lies in its structures; a number of models are called chamber units, while the others are considered as external or non-chamber models.

These external or non-chamber units make use of a vacuum channel to get rid of the air coming from the bag.

Furthermore, they can’t close fluid stuff, and as a rule, moist foodstuff like fish or meat must be frozen prior to being sealed. This prevents the dampness coming from the food from being drawn into the device.

Once the food is sealed, they are now ready to be stored inside the freezer.

Chamber models feature a vacuum pump instead of the external unit’s channel. The pump from this particular device is more effective and the unit is also capable of securing X amounts of fluid. The chamber type makes use of a different kind of sealing bag as compared to the non-chamber model.

While making use of a vacuum sealer, one should read the manufacturer’s directions first regarding when to employ its Automatic function as opposed to the Manual function. The Automatic function changes between sealing and vacuuming operations. With the Manual function, users can time the device when the vacuuming is accomplished and the securing must start.

Other than preserving foodstuff, the device can also maintain your jewelry, silverware and other metals from discoloring and dulling. However, in order to completely seal the items, users have to make sure that there is no presence of pointed or jagged edges that can puncture the bag or the air won’t be taken out of the bag completely.

Why Homeowners Should Be Into Vacuum Sealers

Families who use the best vacuum sealer will be able to save money by preserving the rest of their food with the help of the device. Plenty of money gets flushed down the drain because of food wastage, and the device ultimately extends the life of perishables by a good 5 times longer.

In order to get the most out of the device, make sure that you pick a unit with a function like the “PulseVac” button. This function allows users to seal delicate food without mashing them down. The button also lets users control the quantity of oxygen needed so one can secure food items like bread, cookies, and other kinds of food that has a tendency to crumble.

Some kinds of sealers also feature a connection that allows users to secure Ziploc bags that can be used again. Furthermore, many of these devices feature a jar sealer too; however, they are not alternatives for canning a product.

The container sealer is recommended if the user wants to preserve dried herbs, flavorings and dry rubs together with grains, salt, spices and pepper in glass containers. The jar sealer draws a good amount of oxygen out of the container to perfectly secure the food items.

How Does a Vacuum Sealer Work?

One of the greatest benefits of the best vacuum sealers in the market is their ability to secure a huge selection of bags simultaneously to save time. That is why a lot of consumers have put in a good word for it, especially chamber sealing units.

A lot of food retailers, groceries and supermarkets have been advised to use the device as a replacement for external units. To use the chamber sealer, there are procedures one has to follow in order to employ the device properly.

  • Get the food ready to insert into the specific sealer bags.
  • Make sure that the device’s hood is kept down prior to the securing procedure. Once you pull the hood down, the device will draw all of the air outside of the bag.
  • Once all the air has been sucked out of the bag, the sealed items are now ready for storage. If you want to secure more than one bag, you have to make use of a model meant for industrial use so it can secure plenty of bags in just a short period of time.

On the chamber sealing model, users have the option to tweak the degree of air suction. It features a slow, unmoving gas that assists in taking away all of the air inside the bag. This function is advantageous since users can modify the degree of eliminating air depending on their requirements.

It is crucial to employ the sealing device correctly and effectively. Keep in mind that control of the device relies usually on what kind of unit it is. You have to be certain that you are fine with its functions.

If you are having problems with the device, you can go over its manual, read the instructions once more or if you want more guidance, you can seek the help of the company’s customer service relations.

The features of the device vary because it has different models as of late, but it’s best to remember that external units are meant for personal use while heavier work needs something like a chamber sealing model.

Now that we have covered all of the features, functions and operations of the device, we can now go on with the buying guidelines to help you pick a model that will work for you.

Vacuum Sealer Buying Tips

Consumers who want a unit of their own, preferably one that is considered as one of the best vacuum sealers, should pay attention to these tried and true tips.

  • Look at the appearance of the units. Nearly all standing models are recommended for securing fluids. In addition, the upright built lets several units get equipped with additional implements like canister parts so it will be even more capable of suctioning and sealing canning containers. There are also available flat vacuum sealing units that lets users utilize bags with a variety of securing widths by means of modifying the loading tray meant for the bags. However, they are not as efficient while sealing food items with a higher content of fluid.
  • The device is a good method to sustain the longevity of perishable food items since one can purchase food by the bulk, divide the portions that they are going to use for the meantime, then preserve the rest by means of the device for future use. However, factors like regularity of usage, assortment of food items being sealed and handiness linked with a selection of models are more aspects that every consumer has to consider prior to buying a model.
  • When it comes to additional features, you must mull through what you really need the most. The newer features often get added to succeeding models, thus there are units that have multiple-speed sealing functions while some have dishwasher-friendly properties. There are also models that feature things like cutters and roll storage so you won’t have to purchase extra pouches since this can do a number on your budget if you do everyday packing. More expensive models even feature additional attributes like dust-removal features for securing non-perishable object like paper items and books.

In the end, what matters most are your needs so if you only want something that will preserve your surplus food items, then you should go for a model that does just that.

  • There’s a variety of factors that can hold sway on the quality of work a unit can churn out. It usually depends on how the device was designed. One of the most prevailing factors is the type of bags employed during the process.

A number of models normally operate best with exclusive plastic bags while several will operate quite well with standard plastic bags. Furthermore, although a majority of sealers will operate with vac-type bags, a number of them are also capable of vacuum-sealing containers, even those made from glass. The device will even do its work better sealing a container with help from an external compressor.

However in due time, the effectivness of a compressor will wear down, thus it will need consistent maintenance procedures after getting past its warranty.

Helpful Vacuum Sealing Advice

Keep in mind that vacuum sealing is not capable of preventing spoilage on perishable food items. The method however can extend the life of your food. There are certain food items though that needs to be kept in places like the freezer after the packing process so it will keep a lot longer. Here are more beneficial tips so you can take advantage of the device and avoid waste.

  • The method operates by getting all the air out of the bag with the food item inside it. This translates that those fluids or grains can be drawn into the device, and this can damage the unit. To avoid this particular problem, all liquid-based edibles like meat, stew and soups should be frozen prior to the sealing procedure. Edibles that are grain-like or crumbly must make use of a certain filter arranged between the food and the device’s pump. The filter can be something pretty simple like a coffee filter or any of those paper towels.
  • Keep in mind not to fill the bag to the brim. Always leave around 3 inches of space at the topmost part of the bag prior to the packing. If you want to re-seal the bag later, remember that you have to once again leave several inches of space so you can use the bag once more in the future. The method of re-sealing bags is recommended for bulk storage, consuming just what you require then securing the bag once more.
  • Do not attempt to use your own plastic bags. The bags that are employed with every unit are exclusive to the device and it is designed to work with that particular unit. Using your own does not have a guarantee that it will effectively secure your food.
  • Make an attempt to maintain the smoothness of the bag over the course of the sealing procedure. Wrinkles of any sort in the plastic bag can retain remaining air within it and this can lead to spoiling.
  • If you happen to consider that you did not secure the bag correctly, do not make an effort to open the bag. Instead, you can just make another seal that is a tad closer to the food item. Around a quarter inch of space will be sufficient enough.
  • The material those plastic bags were made from is sturdy but it’s still vulnerable from punctures of sharp objects. Hence, if you are attempting to pack items with pointed edges like dried fruits or vegetables, pasta and even non-perishable items like books, make sure that you have those items wrapped up in soft, supple material like paper towels. The paper tower will act as a buffer so the plastic won’t get ripped up or punctured.
  • Make sure that you have the food prepped up and ready prior to the packing process. If you need to freeze some items, remember to freeze items like fruits and meat before hand and blanch the vegetables. If you plan on storing the items in the food cabinet, be certain that you have dried the items out fully before keeping them.
  • A vacuum sealer can do its job impeccably but if you want to guarantee complete air-removal, you can also tuck in food-friendly moisture-absorbing desiccant sachets.
  • Keep the device in tip-top condition if you want to use them frequently and to make it last longer. Make sure to clean the unit afterwards according to manufacturer’s specifications and store them correctly. Regular maintenance will guarantee that you will get hassle-free, long-term operations of the device.

Other Sealing Ideas

Vacuum sealers are not only meant for food items, they are actually capable of sealing other sorts of objects too.

  • You can use it to store items like revolvers, ammunition and other handheld weapons.
  • You can pack significant paper documents too to make it waterproof.
  • You can keep precious metals by means of the device. It is an excellent method to prevent metals like silver from discoloring. If you have a set of flatware or jewelry that you do not use or wear anymore but you still want to have them around as investments, you can seal it with the device.
  • Waterproof important gear like maps or cell phones that you often take on camping or hiking sprees.
  • The device is also an excellent method to safeguard luggage from leakage of liquid items.

Where to Buy Vacuum Sealers

You can buy vacuum sealers in markets and sellers online. Brand websites are good for purchasing a particular model since orders can be made fast and easy. Online retail stores often sell units by means of good deals so you will most likely acquire a unit with a reasonable price.

In addition, you will also get practical reviews from people who have bought the unit. E-commerce stores are also a great way to look for models because it has a wider selection of units, prices and dealers.

E-commerce shops also post customer reviews of all items available in the store so you will be able to narrow down your preferences and choices.


Vacuum sealers have offered homeowners the convenience of managing surplus food items and leftovers to avoid wastage and at the same time, save money. It also paved the way for new cooking and food prep methods.

Vacuum sealing devices cost less than canning procedures and are more convenient to use as well. Plus there are plenty of other newfangled ways to employ the device. Those procedures mentioned above will help you in thinking of fresh ideas to make the most out of the device.

What’s more, once you have finally gotten the hang out of the unit, you will speculate how you went through with managing your food items for a long time without having used one.