Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System Review

Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System Review

Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System Review

Vacuum sealing systems for edibles are actually a nice concept, come to think of it. You buy food in bulk, make portions of the food you are going to use and store and have the latter vacuum sealed for longer-lasting freshness and avoid spoilage.

Vacuum sealers get rid of air and moisture from exclusively-designed, multiple layer bags while retaining its taste so the food’s flavors and freshness are left intact.

You can use the device to freeze premade lunches or dinners that you can thaw out and warm up over the course of a busy working week, maintain the freshness and crisp texture of salads or even bread that you want to eat later in the day or night.

You can also use the device to secure cuts of meat and a whole lot more.


The FoodSaver V2244 is a nice sealing device one can try out. It is capable of keeping your edibles fresh up to 5 times longer as compared with conventional methods and it can also help prevent the onset of freezer burn.

Here are the main features of the unit. Read on and find out whether the device will hit the spot.

  • The V2244 Vacuum Sealer has a tasteful appearance with a compact built that won’t feel out of place in modern kitchens. Their sleek and straightforward look fits everyday usage and promises to keep your perishables in good hands.
  • The device features a sturdy motor that guarantees effective, fast operations.
  • When it comes to storage and maintenance, the device includes a patented dishwasher-safe attribute and also features a detachable drop tray, thus making clean-up effortless. Because of its lightness and compact form, the unit is easy to manage and also a breeze to store. For maintenance, one can clean it with a dry or moistened rag. After use, you can store it anywhere since it does not have a cumbersome built that will make storing the item a hassle.
  • The V2244 model has straightforward functions that even beginners will get the hang of it quickly. It is easy to work on and it has all the options you need within easy reach like Seal, Vacuum and Off. All users have to do is pick the function that they need done and voila, the device will do all the work for you. Their manual operation provides the user total control over the whole unit. If they want the device to stop the procedure, they can do so by pushing a button. There is no waiting time.
  • The device also comes with an accessory port that lets individuals marinate their edibles within the bag minus the stress. This accessory port guarantees that all the air present inside the bag is sucked out, thus promising food items at its near freshly-harvested best.
  • It has a Crush-Free Control Instant Seal which means the device is capable of sealing food items without crushing or mashing it. Thus, you can effectively seal crumbly, grainy edibles like cookies, breads and pastries.
  • The unit features a double-wide sealing strip that produces a tight, secure seal to help conserve your edibles and keep the air away from ever getting inside the bag.
  • The unit promises to deliver quiet sealing procedures in a matter of seconds.
  • It includes sturdy sealing bags which are wonderful for packing in meats, poultry, sauces, cheese, fruits, vegetables and other foodstuff. It also guarantees longer storage period.
  • It includes a lever lock to keep the bag in its place over the course of the sealing process.
  • The device has a System Delay function that pauses in 20-second intervals between applications. This function actually puts a stop to issues like overheating and other sorts of possible damage to the food and device.


The FoodSaver V2244 has all the good things that one has to have in order to start his or her vacuum sealing duties—it has sizable heat-seal bags, smaller versions of the heat-seal bags, an accessory hose and 11-inch by 10-inch heat sealing roll.

The unit is excellent in a sense that it can help secure larger rolls than the conventional way. Its Crush-Free Control Instant Seal is good news for those who want freshness out of brittle, flakey edibles like biscuits and bread. Now you can seal your favorite chocolate chip cookies and not worry that it will end up into a pulverized, unappetizing mess.

Its compact size is recommended for kitchens, which tend to be crowded due to the accumulation of other cooking tools and countertop devices. It can fit into closets, but it is still large enough to be durable.

The V2244 features a hardworking motor that can help pack several bags before users have to stop the device. It’s easy to operate since all you need is to push the right button to ensue with the sealing procedure plus its removable drip tray can be detached easily.

Maintenance is also fast and easy for the device. It can be washed in the dishwasher or gently cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.


The device had its share of drawbacks too. It only uses bags compatible with Foodsaver, so it is not versatile. In addition, exclusive Foodsaver bags can be on the steep side.

The V2244 did not sustain its promise of noise-free operations. It gave off a bit of noise during the sealing process.


The FoodSaver V2244 all in all is a decent sealer that does what it is supposed to do, provide efficient sealing for optimum preservation of edibles. It is easy to work on, lightweight, compact and capable of providing securely packed food items.

However, if you are not into noisy operations, this device might not be for you. The unit’s vacuum suction methods is just what homeowners need and it keeps the freshness of perishables longer.

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